Illegal software and BYOD: responsible use

One in four is unaware that the employer can be held liable for illegal software installed on computers & smartphones that brings to work (BYOD), regardless of the operating system. nearly 25% of employees believe that the employer is not responsible for the use of illegal software on their own machines. What is wrong. Whatever […]

Code the most dangerous in the world

Under this alarming title hides a study by the Universities of Stanford and Texas: The PDF document is 12 pages of errors uses different libraries and APIs that enable SSL MITM attacks. We discover that even bookstores widely used as CURL and OpenSSL are often misused. Probably a must-read for developers who have to do […]

Hook Analyser Malware Tool 2.1

Hook Analyser is a hook tool which can be potentially helpful in reversing applications and analysing malware. It can hook to an API in a process and search for a pattern in memory or dump the buffer. [wpdm_file id=10]   Web Site