Ingress After #RiotGate the new game start on the game

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Ingress After #RiotGate the new game start on the game

Ingress After #RiotGate the new game start on the game. After #RIOT or we have seen what the clean pseudo player… RES makes the tracking of the ENL player, the RESwue system or are indicated all HP and WPs of the ENLplayer ….

In Suisse Romande we have 2 players who were caught in #RIOTGate one in the jura and the other on Lausanne and surroundings.

What you should remember from RIOT is that all the actions of the monitored players are stored and recorded only two things are not recorded the recharging of a portal and the hack. Be careful the simple fact of sending a message on the comm faction will be geolocated in the DB RIOT.

1 Registered Player (visible with specific rights)
? –is Admin giving rights to minions in the Geneve area and a dozen minions have been identified?

You should know that Riot was used to chase out guardians and to reach the privacy of ENL players and not as it was said to stop cheaters.

Of the hundreds of thousands of ENL players traced via riot this band of scum who have and still use RIOT because Riot still exists but has just changed their names the collected data is used just to harass and intimidate the ENL players. (It must be said that without cheating, they wouldn’t get anywhere.)


I have a nice player screenshot saying that they never used bot or soft to hunt guardians or they are in full action…. but also one who talks about ganess using it….

After the Guardian hunt in ingress we see a new trend towards the hunt for home portal and works portal.
Yes a new game in the game will have the HP and WP wiped out of the bite.


Agent ENL expect you to see your HP and WP removed from the game by RES cheaters in any case in French-speaking Switzerland here is the new way to play.


it’s been a few weeks now I’ve seen legit portals removed and certain via this G+ group.

with lying comments from RES player


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