strange type of Ingress player (RES)

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strange type of Ingress player (RES)

in Ingress we have several types of players there I’m going to talk about only one category

I’m going to tell you about the players that Kevin has little qualified him, you know the ones who think they know everything he thinks they have a great game spirit, he doesn’t play they want to destroy other players not only in the game but in life too. In fact if you don’t play with them they play against you.

even if you are from their faction it doesn’t change anything they will try to destroy you in any case in the game after for the rest there are legal means to calm them down.

if you make a comprehensive analysis of this type of person because yes they are not only players but also people (well I have a doubt there), you realize that these players (people) in their lives they seek to see power or authority

The only place they can do it is in the game.

After what is easy to see is that some players get screwed by the same person in their lives and they become their handyman.

I am talking about this because today the example of a person who is manipulated and who has no free will because they have to follow the movement set up by a Lausanne player and especially because they have no common sense, insinuates that month and one of my neighbours is a person who plays with two accounts

<Uracile42> [public] @prismus salut @swissdragon je viens de te voir passer dans la rue 😉

and as of course they are very intelligent they don’t understand how a person can be 200 meters away at the same time.

Ah it would be a pity that in fact there are actually two players and not just one


<prismus> deployed a Resonator on Aigle Royal Et Sa Chouette
<swissdragon> deployed a Resonator on Place Of Game
<swissdragon> captured Place Of Game










In any case if you want to be a RES player on Lausanne and surroundings you risk to be fooled in beauty

PS: vilainchat (lechat) you’ll soon hear from me and I’ll enjoy it !!!! Just a little reminder to you and your lackeys the photso and videos of people without their consent in Switzerland and one infringe on the right to image

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