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Like many people I tried to use the crypto monaie.
So I started small in July and invested 80 USD.

So I opened an account at coinbase to do this. So I chose ETH, XPR and LTC.

during the weeks and months and depending on the fluctuations I changed play on the different courses. Change currencies.

my $80 became $500.

Today I invest in currencies that are not yet on the public market of crypto currencies.

The gains are certainly more risky but higher but you manage to have a gain of 10 to 20% over 24 hours.

It should be noted that when these currencies arrive on the public market their values can be multiplied by 10.

yes there are risks but no more than if you invested in stocks. On the other hand, the gains are much higher than if you played in stocks.

Friday November 25th the Bitcoin took 40% in 3 hours no placement will give you such a return

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